Illyne Michel

Based in Southern California, Illyne specializes as a media Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist since 2004. 

Illyne has worked with top modeling agencies including Vision, Ford, Wilhelmina, IMG, Next and Elite, to name a few. Her work has been featured in numerous publications including Elle, UK Vogue, GQ and Vibe magazine as well as ad campaigns for Overstock, Walmart and Wayfair. She has worked for networks such as Spike TV Network (now knows as the Paramount Network) and Audience music channel. Skillful, passionate and dedicated to her craft, Illyne is able to work with a wide variety of skin types, complexions, bone structures and ethnicities regardless of gender or age.  As well as a wide range of  hair textures and length.  With her artistry and an eye for detail, Illyne will cater to your every need.   

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